Eyes Open
Dec 7th, 2014 by Coral

Look into my eyes,

tell me what you see.

When you look in my eyes,

do you see me?


A mirror does reflect

that which the surface holds.

But a mirror cannot tell

if inside we fit the mold.


Eyes open,

see the world,

see the wonder and the joy.

Take it in.


Eyes closed,

see inside,

all the secrets that you hide.

Let it out.


Not the past,

not the present,

something more,

something greater.


What you are,

what you see,

all determine

who you’ll be.

Drown In Thought
Dec 3rd, 2014 by Coral

This is a poem written, not by me, but my best friend, Katie. 

Your mind is a vast and endless sea;

your thoughts swirl and sparkle in the water.

What is swiftly said floats upon the surface,

and deeper thoughts dwell below

in the subconscious.


You can talk on and on forever

using just the thoughts that float.

But sometimes, you glimpse something

of great worth to you, glittering at the bottom

and so you dive.


You hold your breath

and swim down, down

until your hand scrapes the bottom

and you grasp that glittering thought—

but now you’re out of air.


You clamber for the surface

and come up gasping for air;

making your diction stuttered and clumsy

as you strive to relate what you’ve found;

so no one listens.


So you go back down to

find another thought. Like before,

but bigger, to stem the raucous

the laughter of those that mock

your precious, stuttered thoughts.


As you dive again, you soon find

that you like it better there,

among the deeper things of your mind.

So you take a heavy breath of water,

and let yourself drown in thought


Life can still be revived in you when

your corpse floats back to the surface,

and the air of reality is forced into your lungs.

But who among the dead wish to be living?

and who when they’re asleep wish to wake?

Finding Snapshots
Dec 2nd, 2014 by Coral

A child’s laugh, a sunlit picnic,

pink icing on slices, balloons and gifts,

friends and family gathered around,

in an innocent snapshot, joy is found.


Arm in arm with friends of old,

coats and companions fend off the cold.

A secret adventure, shared only with two,

in a time worn photo, find friends with you.


Frowning to focus, frozen in action,

twisting blue strands of soft yarn,

old hands of guidance meet young in craft,

a moment of teaching, traditions that last.


Tucked away in drawers forgotten,

to be found in the rain of remembrance,

time stands frozen for your recollection.

Eternalized in perfect imperfection.

Best Friends
Nov 24th, 2014 by Coral

The best thing about you is the smile you greet me with,
the exclamation point at the end of your hello,
the way you make me feel inside,
the way you’ll never leave.

The best thing about you is that I always know you care,
the way you always listen,
the way you understand,
the way you laugh at my jokes, and your laughter never hurts.

The best thing about you is the way you worry about me,
the way you help me, even when I don’t ask you to,
the way you mean so much to me,
and the way you’ll never know just how much you mean.

The way you’ve been there through the hardest time in my life,
you were a best friend to me when that’s what I needed most.

You probably have no idea how much the smile and exclamation point meant.

The best thing about you is that you are the best best friend,
and that you probably never guessed how great you are.

Hands of Plaster
Nov 11th, 2014 by Coral

Tiny hands of plaster
That’s what we received
For a day spent in the hospital
And all the months we grieved

Two small hands of plaster
Replacing flesh and bone
Reminders of the precious one
Who all too soon was gone

Inadequate hands of plaster
Never will replace
The hole torn in my heart
By his serene baby face

The time we had together
Can not be called enough
The emptiness we feel each day
Outsiders describe as “tough”

Innocent hands of plaster
Strengthening the rest
Though one brother may be missing
My family was blessed.

Today marks the third birthday of my youngest brother, Freddie. It has taken me three years to be able to write a poem for him, but I finally managed it.

Stone Memoir: Heather’s Grave
Nov 10th, 2014 by Coral

Written in stone.

Eternal, a symbol.

Simple and clear,

a message.

To others, meaningless.

Just another stone,

another message,

not meant for them.

They don’t understand

that they don’t understand.

The words

do not capture

our teacher,

our Hero,

our friend.

This Poem is dedicated to Heather Christensen, my junior high Clarinet teacher. Heather passed away after saving the lives of every student on a bus when the driver blacked out. Heather was the only casualty, because she was the only one standing, driving the bus out of the greater danger. Heather saved the lives of many of my personal good friends, she will never be forgotten by those of us who knew her.

Book Review: Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson
Nov 9th, 2014 by Coral

Today, I’m reviewing a book I read recently by a well known author. James Patterson’s Confessions of a Murder Suspect.  The first in a series, it immediately intrigues the reader. Not only does it bring in mystery about the main driving plot device, the murder of the main character’s parents, but also about the main character herself.

Tandy Angel, the narrator, takes the reader along as she tries to solve the mystery, uncovering more secrets about her family, and finding she has secrets about herself she doesn’t even know about.  One of the most suspenseful parts of her narration is the fact that she has a dark past, and when Tandy has a memory too painful to confront, we don’t see it. She doesn’t’ think about it, she avoids it, and leaves the reader completely in the dark until she works up the courage to acknowledge the event.

Malcolm and Maud are the parents, murdered at the beginning of the book, they launch everything into a rollercoaster of emotions and puzzles. The Angel parents raised their children with brutal strictness. The Angel parents were flawed people, there is no doubt about it, and their intentions are also clouded on occasion, but they are all the more fascinating for it. Tandy, in investigating their murder, begins to question the benevolence of her parents, bringing in entirely new levels of emotional turmoil.

All in all, the character cast is dynamic and compelling, the plot is suspenseful and intriguing, and I highly recommend this book. It’s a great read, and, of course, we have James Patterson’s track record to go off of.


If you’re interested, I have a link to it on Amazon right here, enjoy, and don’t forget to check back to see new stories and writing thoughts.

Nov 8th, 2014 by Coral

A lonely tree stands on a lonely hill,

Surrounded by three pillars of grey stone.

It stands so watchful, silent, ever still,

Ensures the heroes never rest alone.

As time moves on, and mortal mem’ry fades,

The years go by, and less respect is paid.

But loyalty doth come in many shades,

The tree grows on, when names on stone do fade.

A sentry, to remind us all of those

who saved our liberty in wars of past

Remember, and in your silent repose,

Think of their war, for ’twas not first, nor last.

Another war will come to us again,

remember, as the tree, the price to win.

The Pleasantries
Nov 2nd, 2014 by Coral

My dearest friends, the pleasantries,

every evening ought to begin with,

Words and gestures in falsified ease,

rarely sincere, most often dispensed with.

“What a nice dress,” “how do you do?” “fine,”

How often are these truly meant?

So tedious, boring, and hardly heart felt,

Misnamed are they, then, since they be not pleasant?

But socialites dictate they must be in place,

and who are we to know better?

So we’ll smile and nod till we’re blue in the face,

And talk tonight of our fine weather.

Never Trust A Spaniard
Oct 30th, 2014 by Coral

Alright, first real item of business, this is a Sonnet I wrote a few years ago. It started as an assignment for my Shakespeare class, but then my dad challenged me to write a Sonnet that incorporated a specific phrase, and I took the idea and ran with it.  In essence, this is a character portrait in Sonnet form of a character from the movie “The Princes Bride.” Read the rest of this entry »

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