You can tell a lot
Dec 20th, 2014 by Coral

You can tell a lot about a person from their writing. What they write in books, poetry, and their journals. Sometimes, for journals, however, the more fun aspect is how little you can tell, and how much possibility is left open.

In honor of the Christmas season, I’m going to be including my siblings in a lot of my new posts. Journal entries, for one, is something my sister and I came across while cleaning out a closet earlier. We got a good laugh out of these.  They can also be great opportunities for writing prompts. For example, we will be taking a look at some journal entries from my sisters fifth grade class journal.


To start, we have some from the beginning of the year where she gives us an actual good idea of who she was as a fifth grader.  Read the rest of this entry »

Countdown Til Dawn
Dec 12th, 2014 by Coral

This is what I wrote in response to a writing prompt. The prompt was to write a scene that involved a count down. I used a character from part of a story I’m working on and this is what I got.


I gasp for air, stumbling through the thick bramble. Thorns and broken branches scratch my face and arms, but I ignore them. I have to make it back before dawn breaks. I have only seconds left, the faint glow is already making its appearance.


I make the mistake of glancing back. My eyes can see perfectly in the dark, I see the first tendrils of dawn reflecting off of their pale feathers. My own sable wings are tucked to my back in an attempt not to catch them on the thorns and slow me down.

Eight. Read the rest of this entry »

Be Who You Are: Writers
Dec 10th, 2014 by Coral

Being a writer isn’t just an occupation. At least not the way I’ve seen it done. Being a writer is a way of life, a method of living. Writers see the world through a different lens than everyone else. Poets, short story, and novel writers alike all have a literary viewpoint of the world. Every writer has their own personal perspective, and they can share some of their enlightenment through writing. That’s what makes us special.

My being a writer affects how I live my day to day life, believe it or not. I carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere, I ask people how to spell their names and where their names come from when I hear cool ones. I take pictures of cool stuff so I can remember it later. I will drop what I’m doing to write down an idea, even just for a cool sentence, at any time of day. I have woken up in a cold sweat with poems that needed to be written down and lost sleep for them.

Sometimes, people tell me I should “Take a break” from writing, they want me to “live my life, stop stressing over your work.” Those people clearly don’t understand who I am, not quite.  I can’t just “take a break,” from being a writer. That’s preposterous! I could no sooner take a break from breathing! I can’t stop looking at the world the way I do, because that’s who I am.

Yes, people will think it’s weird. People won’t understand, may even ridicule you for your ways as a writer. But you know what? Don’t let them scare you, don’t let them get you down. Writers change the world. Writers capture history, emotions, legends and myth. What a painter does with color, we do with words.

Writing is an art. We, writers, are artists. We can do things no one else can, NO ONE else can write your story, or the story of your character. Do not let people heckle you into trapping all that inside you, give it release. Let the world see what wonders you are capable of.

In the past, I have been extremely self conscious about my writing. It took a long time for me to let other people read what I write, and I still sometimes have anxiety that people won’t like my stories. I have to remind myself that’s not what’s important. If I like it and think it’s good, that’s good enough for now. Eventually, if I try hard enough, other people will see what I see, and they  will feel what I feel, and experience my stories. I can get other people to taste my worlds, but only if I keep writing and let people read what I write.

That’s the writing thought for today. Keep being a writer, in everything you do!

Book Review: City of Bones
Dec 9th, 2014 by Coral

In Cassandra Clare’s “City of Bones,” I was instantly transported into a vibrant world of demons, magic, and intrigue, right in the middle of New York. From page one, the plot was compelling, and the characters had incredible depth.  Clare artfully introduced me into her secret world, not giving everything away, but, at the same time, not letting me drown in confusion.

The story quickly took a direction I didn’t expect, and continued on an exciting journey through the past, present, and future, all hanging in the balance.

Clary, our main narrator, is a girl with a definite personality and a healthy dose of spunk. She’s thrown into a world of mystery, and handles it excellently. The cast of characters also includes her best friend, Simon, who I absolutely adore. Tough as nails Jace, who took some getting used to, and Alec and Isabelle, those characters and their relationship have a special place in my heart.  Each character has strengths and flaws, and they feel like real people.

Cassandra Clare leaves nothing to guesswork, she knows exactly what’s going on in her story, and I could tell, even when I didn’t know exactly what was going on. This is a series I look forward to finishing, and I would highly encourage reading it. Action, adventure, mystery, romance, and fantasy, all wrapped up into a beautiful book. It also gives a fresh feeling, completely different, in some ways, from other books I’ve read.


Cassandra Clare, congratulations, your book is fantastic.



A Day In The Life: Part 1 of Ayla’s Archives
Dec 8th, 2014 by Coral

Ayla pushed the kitchen door open with her hip, balancing two large trays of food on either hand. She weaved in and out of the tables, putting down plates of sandwiches, steaming bowls of soup, and mugs of coffee as she went. Most of the faces were familiar, local friends who came into the “Dish for Trish” Diner regularly, others had the distinct tourist look.

One of the diners stood out. A boy about Ayla’s age, 21, with shockingly orange hair that was cut raggedly and uneven. He wore a long, black coat, a faded tshirt and ripped jeans. He sat with his shoulders hunched, eyeing the room as though it could be secretly full of poisonous frogs.

Discarding the now empty trays, Ayla went over to the boy. “Good afternoon, how are you?” She said with a smile, flipping her curly blond hair out of her face with a quick flick of her chin.

“Fine.” the boy said, looking like he’d just remembered where he was, “I’ll have a number six. No onions. Pepsi.”

“Sounds good, anything else?” Ayla jotted down his order, then tucked the pencil back behind her ear. As she did so, the boys eyes fastened on her wrist.

He stared at her, not answering her question. Ayla shifted uneasily. Read the rest of this entry »

My Future Reader poem
Dec 7th, 2014 by Katie Lee

In my Creative Writing class, we were supposed to write a poem about what we hope our future reader will be like. This is what I wrote.


My Future Reader

Her eyes would gleam with wish for adventure

Her hand soft upon the page

Her heart open to all to ensure

her mind could set the stage


Of all the stories in the world

her heart would hold mine dear

And while upon her couch she curled

She give both laugh and tear


And when the climax came at last

she’s read the night away

and all the sleeping hours would pass

to leave her tired in the day


At last a day would come around

when she and I would meet

She’d stand and stare without a sound

then squeak out a basic greet


I’d laugh as we’d converse as nerds

And her love of books swiftly I’d see

I’d smile and say in genial words

“Dear girl, you’re just like me.”


Eyes Open
Dec 7th, 2014 by Coral

Look into my eyes,

tell me what you see.

When you look in my eyes,

do you see me?


A mirror does reflect

that which the surface holds.

But a mirror cannot tell

if inside we fit the mold.


Eyes open,

see the world,

see the wonder and the joy.

Take it in.


Eyes closed,

see inside,

all the secrets that you hide.

Let it out.


Not the past,

not the present,

something more,

something greater.


What you are,

what you see,

all determine

who you’ll be.

Chemical Reaction
Dec 4th, 2014 by Coral

One of the fun things about characters is they can be like volatile chemicals. Personalities, histories, emotions, all the components of a person, just waiting to be mixed with other characters and situations. Writers get to play mad scientist, throwing them into situations and seeing what fun explosions come out.


However, I have sometimes seen writers, myself included, forget this aspect of writing. The characters don’t react and things don’t happen the way they should. Not because it’s a plot twist, just an inattentive narrator. This is a very dangerous thing.  When this happens, it can create terrible anticlimaxes. Anticlimax is one of the most disappointing things a story can do, in my opinion.  It is a very irksome thing when a writer builds up to something, hinting at it’s importance, and making it something you think about, have anxiety about, and can’t WAIT to find out how it ends up and then, all the cards fall into place AND-

Nothing. It just….wasn’t that big a deal, nobody really noticed. And the reader is sitting there, very confused, thinking “Well, this book sucks.” Which is NOT what you want them to think! Your book may still be excellent, just with that flaw, but that kind of flaw sticks out like a sore thumb.

Character chemical reactions are fun, you can throw in a catalyst and turn the entire story on it’s head, going a new direction! Or, you can forget the power you hold and leave people wondering why they started reading this story at all.

Writers hold an immense power in their finger tips, do not forget. With great power comes great responsibility!


That’s all for now, see y’all later.

Drown In Thought
Dec 3rd, 2014 by Coral

This is a poem written, not by me, but my best friend, Katie. 

Your mind is a vast and endless sea;

your thoughts swirl and sparkle in the water.

What is swiftly said floats upon the surface,

and deeper thoughts dwell below

in the subconscious.


You can talk on and on forever

using just the thoughts that float.

But sometimes, you glimpse something

of great worth to you, glittering at the bottom

and so you dive.


You hold your breath

and swim down, down

until your hand scrapes the bottom

and you grasp that glittering thought—

but now you’re out of air.


You clamber for the surface

and come up gasping for air;

making your diction stuttered and clumsy

as you strive to relate what you’ve found;

so no one listens.


So you go back down to

find another thought. Like before,

but bigger, to stem the raucous

the laughter of those that mock

your precious, stuttered thoughts.


As you dive again, you soon find

that you like it better there,

among the deeper things of your mind.

So you take a heavy breath of water,

and let yourself drown in thought


Life can still be revived in you when

your corpse floats back to the surface,

and the air of reality is forced into your lungs.

But who among the dead wish to be living?

and who when they’re asleep wish to wake?

Finding Snapshots
Dec 2nd, 2014 by Coral

A child’s laugh, a sunlit picnic,

pink icing on slices, balloons and gifts,

friends and family gathered around,

in an innocent snapshot, joy is found.


Arm in arm with friends of old,

coats and companions fend off the cold.

A secret adventure, shared only with two,

in a time worn photo, find friends with you.


Frowning to focus, frozen in action,

twisting blue strands of soft yarn,

old hands of guidance meet young in craft,

a moment of teaching, traditions that last.


Tucked away in drawers forgotten,

to be found in the rain of remembrance,

time stands frozen for your recollection.

Eternalized in perfect imperfection.

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